Empowering Communities: Open Knowledge Somalia’s Open Street Mapping Workshop. #ODD2024

Open Data Day is an annual global celebration of open data, and this year, Open Knowledge Somalia took part by hosting a training workshop on “Open Street Mapping” on March 25, 2024. The event, sponsored by Zamzam University of Science and Technology, featured Abdiaziz Hassan Ahmed from Open Knowledge Somalia as the lead facilitator. The workshop aimed to enlighten attendees on the fundamentals and applications of open street mapping, a collective method for creating and refining maps with freely accessible geographic data.

Throughout the workshop, various facets of open street mapping were explored, including its significance in disaster relief, urban planning, public health, and community development. Attendees were introduced to essential tools and methodologies for contributing to open street mapping projects, such as gathering data through GPS devices or satellite images and collaboratively editing maps on platforms like OpenStreetMap. Furthermore, the training provided participants with valuable insights and competencies in open street mapping initiatives, offering advantages for both individuals and organizations.

The Open Knowledge Somalia team extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants and the facilitator for their invaluable contributions to the workshop.

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