Announcing the Launch of Our New Website: Open knowledge Somalia  

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Open Knowledge Somalia website ( Our mission was to create a more personalized, faster, and user-friendly experience, making navigation easier for our visitors. With a sleek, modern design and improved site navigation, our goal was to accurately represent the essence of Open Knowledge.

Our updated website offers a wealth of information about Open Data Somalia, detailing our initiatives, programs, history, and team. Visitors can learn about our partnerships, programs such as Information Literacy, Open Data, Open Science, and Open Data Day. We also provide the latest information on Open Data Somalia, along with specifics about our collaboration with the other local technology organization, Universities and Data agencies in Somalia.

As a local chapter of Open Knowledge International, a non-profit organization advocating for open data usage in addressing societal issues, Open Knowledge Somalia was founded by technology enthusiasts deeply passionate about open data, semantic web, and open science. We engage communities, run awareness campaigns, and conduct training sessions to promote open data. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to understand and utilize open data, believing it holds the potential to significantly improve lives in Somalia.

Husein Osman Abdullahi, Blog writer

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