Open Data Day 2019 Somalia

Open Data Day is a yearly celebration of open data all around the world. 2019 OPEN Knowledge Somali organized for the 1st time Open Data Day event in Mogadishu for the local community. The event has been discussed the key issues about open data, open Education and open mapping. The participants learn about the importance of open data and how it can be game-changing.

Open knowledge Somali is a member of OK international and it is community driven open data advocate and Developer for open data tools. Open Knowledge  Somalia advocates open access for everyone.The first session has been discussed the open library and open access repositories presented by the director of ICT of SIMAD University Abdifitah. Mr. Abdifitah converse about the digitalization of the research output and how open data provides free, and permanent access to research results for anyone to use and distribute. Several open repositories platforms have been shared and discussed by the participants.

The second session was discussed about open mapping and the available digital platforms. The objective of this session was to introduce the participants about the location-based technologies that uses location oriented web-based information and mapping enabling functions.

At the end of the event, open discussions and Q&A  session were conducted.

Open Knowledge aims to provide adequate advances on training the public, education communities and the private sector the significance of Open data and open access for advancing our communities.

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